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How to build a PHP contact form Video

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How to build a PHP contact form Video

Although this was originally made a few years ago for Dreamweaver 8 - it is still relevant to todays web design.

You can also do this tutorial and create your own PHP contact form with whatever flavour (flavor for our american cousins) of Dreamweaver you have. You can also just use a text editor such as Notepad, Write and various free HTML editors out there on the market.

Just click the image below to start the video rolling - it's just over 4 minutes. Purchase the full DVD video tutorials - they come with all the necessary files with them, as well as the ability to rewind, pause and fast forward videos - which the video below doesn't have.

Enjoy! The 2nd part of this tutorial has now been uploaded which gets into the actual programming and what you need to change to make the form work on your website.

how to build a php contact form



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