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Domain Name Purchase

We provide an excellent service with extremely competitive prices. Purchase a "" for only £15 and a ".com" for only £30 for 2 years..

How Much Does it Cost to Purchase a Domain?

  .uk Domains US Domains .info / .biz Domains
  £7.50 per year £15 per year £20 per year
2 Year Total £15 £30 £40

All domains must be purchased for a minimum of 2 years.

You will incur no costs should you wish to transfer the domain name.

Please fill in the following details so we can register your details for the domain name.

If the domain name you applied for has been taken interstellar Solutions will endeavour to do our best to find you an alternative domain name.

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Domain Name(2):
Domain Name(3):
Domain Name(4):
First name:
Last Name:
Company Name:
Email Address: This must be a valid address
Address 1:
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