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Free Downloads

Winzip 8.1 - 1,804Kb

Compress your files before emailing them.

CuteFTP 5.0 XP - 2,923Kb

Essential for uploading and downloading your web files to and from the internet.

The Glass Wall - 6,877Kb

A pdf file which describes the design for the new look bbc website.

Font Manager Lite 1.22 - 799Kb

Makes it easy to see what your font looks like and other stuff....

MySQL Front version 2.4 - 1.022Kb

Very useful tool for MySQL users.

Formmail Script - 19Kb

If you want to process a form on your website then this script is perfect for the job in hand. The zip file also contains a read me file with instructions on how to get things going on your web site.

Tutorial Files

Data Driven Graphics - 76Kb
XML File - 1Kb



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