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Dreamweaver MX video tutorial

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Dreamweaver MX video tutorial

Looking for Dreamweaver MX tutorial?

You've come to the right place - we believe we have the greatest computer based Dreamweaver MX tutorial on the net today!

Why pay hundreds of pounds for classroom training that goes in one ear and then comes out the other?

Why pay for a dull book which you put down after two chapters?

The advantages of our computer based Dreamweaver MX tutorial are:

  • You will learn more about Dreamweaver MX than from any other Dreamweaver MX tutorial.
  • Our Dreamweaver MX tutorial is in video format - you'll see exactly what buttons we press in the order you're supposed to press them!
  • No better value Dreamweaver MX tutorial on the net.
  • Over 11 hours of high quality Dreamwaver video recording!

Dreamweaver MX demoCheck out our Demo to see the quality of our Dreamweaver MX tutorial for yourself. This demonstration is of the use of Internal Style Sheets. Also included in the tutorial are the following topics...

Introduction to Dreamweaver MX

  • Exploring the Tools, Panels, Developing Site Structure
  • Defining a Local Site
  • Creating and Saving a New Page
  • Defining a Page Title
  • Specifying a Background Color
  • Using a Background Graphic
  • Specifying the Default Font Color
  • Inserting Page Text
  • Importing Text
  • Creating a line Break
  • Centering and indenting Text
  • Using Lists, Definition, Nesting
  • Repeating a Command
  • Changing Font, Size, Color
  • Saving Colors as Favorites
  • Creating and Using HTML Styles
  • Adding Special Characters, Rules, Automatic Dates, and Flash Text

Working with Graphics

  • Inserting and Resizing Graphics
  • Positioning Graphics
  • Adding an Image Border
  • Assigning <Alt> tags
  • Using the Assets Panel
  • Using the Favorites List
  • Wrapping Text Around an Image
  • Adjusting Space around an Image
  • Using Image Placeholders
  • Aligning an Image to a Single Line of Text
  • Using Flash Buttons
  • Using Flash Animations

Creating Links

  • Specifying Link Colors
  • Inserting Email Links
  • Creating Hypertext Links
  • Creating Graphic Links
  • Inserting and Linking to Named Anchors
  • Creating Image Maps

Elements of Page Design

  • Creating a Table in Layout View
  • Modifying Table Layout
  • Cell Formatting
  • Spacer Images
  • Standard View Table Creation
  • Importing Data From Spreadsheets
  • Copying and pasting Table Cells
  • Selecting a Table
  • Selecting and Modifying Table Elements
  • Sorting a Table
  • Modifying a Table
  • Exporting a Table
  • Using Images in a Table
  • Nesting Tables
  • Outlining a Table
  • Designing for different screen sizes
  • How to use a Trace Image

Managing Your Site

  • Using the Site Window
  • Integrated File Explorer
  • Adding New Folders and Files to a Site
  • Creating a Site Map
  • Viewing a Subset of the Entire Site
  • Links in Site Map View
  • Modifying Pages from the Site Window
  • Connecting to a Remote Site
  • Uploading Files
  • Cloaking
  • Checking In and Checking Out
  • Using Design Notes

Testing Your Site

  • Checking Browser Compatability
  • Checking Links in Your Site
  • Checking for Orphaned Files
  • Generating Reports for a Site

Using Libraries

  • Creating a Library Item
  • Placing Library Item on a Page
  • Recreating a Library Item
  • Modifying a Library Item
  • Updating Library References
  • Creating a Library Item Containing Behaviors
  • Modifying a Library Item Containing Behaviors

Using Templates

  • Creating Templates
  • Adding Editable Areas to a Template
  • Removing Editable Regions
  • Creating Optional Content
  • Inserting Repeating Regions
  • Building Pages Based on a template
  • Controlling Optional Content
  • Adding Repeating Entries
  • Modifying a Template
  • Creating Editable Tag Attributes
  • Modifying an Editable Tage Attribute
  • Creating Nested Templates

Creating Frames

  • Creating a Frameset
  • Saving a Frameset
  • Resizing Frames in a Frameset
  • Specifying Frame Properties
  • Creating and Editing Frames Content
  • Creating Other Content Documents
  • Adding a Navigation Bar
  • Opening an Existing Page in a Frame
  • Checking Frame Content
  • Controlling Frame Content with Links
  • Creating Noframes Contents

Creating Forms

  • Building Your Form
  • Adding Single-Line Text Fields
  • Adding Multi-Line Text Fields
  • Adding Check Boxes
  • Adding Radio Buttons
  • Adding List/Menu Items
  • Adding Buttons
  • Validating Forms
  • Testing Your Forms
  • Creating Jump Menus

Editing the Code

  • Switching Document View
  • Editing HTML in Code View
  • Adjusting New Window Placement
  • Meta Tags and Comments
  • Using the Tag Selector
  • Editing Code with Quick Tags
  • Making Use of Code Hints
  • Using Snippets
  • Using Clean Up HTML
  • Working With Microsoft Work HTML
  • Printing From Code View

Using Style Sheets

  • Creating External Style Sheets
  • Adding a Style to an Existing External Style Sheet
  • Editing an Existing Style
  • Creating Custom Styles
  • Crating CSS Selector Styles for Links
  • Creating CSS Selector Styles for Tag Combinations
  • Linking to an Existing External Style Sheet
  • Creating Internal Styles
  • Converting Internal Styles to External Styles
  • Converting CSS to HTML

Using Find and Replace

  • Searching Your Document
  • Removing HTML Tags
  • Using Find and Replace to Apply a Custom Style
  • Using Find and Replace to Add External Style Sheets
  • Saving and Reusing Your Search Expressions
  • Finding Variations in a Name

Creating Layers

  • Naming Layers
  • modifying Layers
  • Changing the Stacking Order of Layers
  • Nesting and Unnesting Layers
  • Changing layer Visibility
  • Setting Grid and Ruler Options
  • Using the Drag Layer Behavior
  • Converting Layers to Tables
  • Using the Netscape Resize Layer Fix

Animating with Timelines

  • Animating Objects
  • Using Keyframes
  • Positioning an Object
  • Changing an Animation with Keyframes
  • Recording the Path of a Layer
  • Changing Image Properties
  • Creating the Animation Layers
  • Adjusting the Keyframes
  • Changing the Visibility of Layers
  • Adding Behaviors to the Timeline
  • Making the Timeline Play

Customizing and Extending Dreamweaver

  • (press shift to zoom in, ctrl to zoom out, drag your pointer to pan)
  • Advanced Images Extensions
  • Creating an Object
  • Advanced Customization
  • Regular Expressions

What you need to use the Dreamweaver MX tutorial

Please ensure your computer system meets these requirements in order to use the Dreamweaver MX tutorial:

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