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Dreamweaver 8 video tutorial

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Dreamweaver 8 video tutorial

Dreamweaver 8 allows you to create great looking and effective websites. Our Dreamweaver 8 video tutorial helps you to better understand the software showing you exactly what buttons to press in a friendly video format.

Not only will we show exactly what to do in creating a website it won't cost you the earth either.

If you want to make a website. The features and functions in Dreamweaver 8 will help you create a web page to suit your goal.

The advantages of our computer based Dreamweaver 8 tutorial are:

  • The Dreamweaver 8 tutorial is in video format - you'll see exactly what buttons we press in the order you're supposed to press them!
  • No better value Dreamweaver 8 tutorial on the net.
  • Nearly 3 hours of high quality Dreamweaver video recording!

This course will show you how to:

design a website

  • You will also explore the Dreamweaver environment
  • Identify HTML tags
  • Define a website
  • Create and save a web page
  • Organize site files using the Files panel
  • Create templates that help you develop multiple pages easily
  • Add content to a web page
  • Identify the different types of links and create them for easy navigation
  • Upload a website
  • get feedback from your users

Dreamweaver 8 Class Index

The nearly 3 hours long class contains the following tutorials.

Accessing the Internet and Identifying HTML Codes

  • Design a Website
  • Explore the Dreamweaver Environment
  • View and Manage HTML Codes

Creating a Website

  • Define a Website
  • Create Basic Web Pages
  • Save a Web Page

Building a Website

  • Organize Files and Folders
  • Create Templates

Adding Content to Web Pages

  • Format a List
  • Insert Images
  • Manage Tables
  • Create Repeating Region Templates

Working with Links

  • Link Within a Site

Uploading a Website

  • Ensure Accessibility
  • Upload Files onto a Site

Getting Feedback From Your Website

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