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Email Signatures

I'm sure you've seen at the bottom of emails details of a persons email, web address, office telephone/fax/address etc. Well read on to find out how you add this automatically to your emails.

With outlook express open. Click on tools and the options....

Tool Options

Another window opens up with 10 tabs at the top. Click the signatures tab to reveal the following screen..


Click the top box so that your signature is added to every outgoing email.

If you click the second box down as well this makes it so your signature isn't added to replies and forwards.

Click the button "new" for new signature and type the name of it - make this your default signature by clicking the button. In the above example i have called it "thanks".

Just below where it says "Edit signature" make sure the radio button is checked. Now simply type your message that you want to appear on every email - the usual suspects being email address, web address, telephone, fax, mobile, pager, budgie's name - actually we made the last one up.

A signature is a great way of helping to advertise your business and saves you valuable time once set up.

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