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Photoshop CS2 Video Tutorial

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Photoshop CS2 Video Tutorial

Looking for Photoshop CS2 tutorials?

You've come to the right place - we believe we have the greatest video Photoshop CS2 tutorial on the net today!

photoshop cs2 demoView the Photoshop CS2 demo NOW

Advantages of our video Photoshop CS2 tutorial

  • The Photoshop CS2 tutorial is video based - you'll see exactly what buttons we press in the order you're supposed to press them!
  • Over 2 hours - of high quality video recording!
  • Once you've downloaded the Photoshop CS2 tutorial you don't need an internet connection to view the tutorial.

Photoshop CS2 - Class Description

You will work with layers, layer selections, and learn to apply layer effects and filters to create special effects, use blending modes to create shading effects, and will perform adjustments to contrast and color balance. Finally, you will save images in various formats for print and web use.

  • Customize the Photoshop Workspace with Presets
  • Customize Menus
  • Explore Adobe Bridge
  • Work with Photoshop File Properties
  • Paint an Object
  • Retouch an Image
  • Create a Gradient
  • Create a Pattern
  • Create a Vector Object
  • Apply Metadata and Keywords
  • Output to Print
  • Adjust the Tonal Range of an Image
  • Use the Exposure Dialog Box
  • Work with Filters
  • Create and Use Layers
  • Create and Use Smart Objects
  • Create Layer Styles
  • Work with Multiple Layers
  • Create and Modify Selections

What you need to use the Photoshop CS2 tutorial

Please ensure your computer system meets these requirements in order to use the Photoshop CS2 tutorial:

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