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Free Poker Video Tutorial

Do you want to win $15960.67 per month like I did?

We'll show you the exact techniques that help us to win $15960.67 on in just one month!

Our tutorial concentrates on "No limits texas hold'em" - the cadillac of poker!

In next to no time you will learn how to play the game if you didn't know already - BUT much more importantly I can show you also how to win money just by playing in small tournaments.

You do not need an account with pokerstars to benefit - these techniques will help improve your overall poker game whichever poker site you play on - or indeed - local casino or home game.

hold 'em demonstration As well as containing over 100 pages of text - more importantly we include video footage of selected hands from an actual tournament - an actual live game played for real money - I've added commentary to discuss the important hands and the reasons I took certain decisions - this is something you don't often see in a poker tutorial.

Check out our Poker tutorial demonstration to see the sort of videos and advice you'll be receiving.

There are 16 chapters in all which cover the following...

  • Rules - always a good idea to start with this - how to play texas hold'em
  • Hand types - from royal flush right down to highest card
  • The starting hand guide - what to bet with and what to fold..
  • The position you are at the table is vital
  • Pot odds
  • Example hands
  • Poker Odds - what are the chances of getting an out!
  • Poker ethics
  • Pre-flop hand comparisons
  • Bluffing
  • Video listing
  • all the hands of a $55 sit-n-go tournament
  • Heads up play - Updated (a complete heads up play - excellent real life example - this is probably worth the money on it's own!)
  • spreadsheet - calculate the probability of your finishing position with 3/4 players left in a tourney / sit-n-go
  • Losing streaks
  • Resources
  • Glossary

Your results will look like this soon!

actual poker results

What you need to use the Poker tutorial

Please ensure your computer system meets these requirements in order to use the Poker tutorial:

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Get the poker tutorial for free - sign up to full tilt poker or pokerstars using our affiliate links and we'll give you a download link for free.



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