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Setting Up an Email Account

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Setting Up an Email Account

We would recommend that you use Microsoft Outlook Express, if you don't have a copy of this then you may download a copy from the Microsoft Site.

First of all launch Outlook Express and select "Tool" from the top menu, once you have done this select "Accounts". You are now at a screen that allows you to setup a new POP3 account (a POP3 account is an account that stores mail on the server).


On the right hand side of the screen that has appeared there is a button which says "Add", click this and select "Mail" from the list. You are now in the "Add a new mail box wizard". The details to enter in each box are below:-


Display Name: Enter your real name here.

E-mail Address: (you may enter in this box).

enter your email address

Incoming Mail (POP3 or IMAP) Server: Enter the information that was provided to you here. This can either be a group of 4 numbers seperated by dote e.g. "12.345.67.89" or "mail.yourdomainname".

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server: (enter the name of your Internet Service Providers outgoing mail server in this box). If your ISP for example is NTL then you should type "". Check your existing Outgoing mail settings if you have an account set up - you should just be able to copy and paste them in. Otherwise refer to your ISP for details.

pop3 smtp

Account Name: Enter the password that you received in your welcome e-mail.

Password: Enter the password that you received in your welcome e-mail.

account name and password

Now select finish.

Your mail account is now setup.

Finish Setting up Email

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