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Here at Interstellar Solutions we've decided to provide a few online tutorials to help your business run that little bit smoother.

Dreamweaver Tutorials

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Excel 2002 Tutorial

Excel 2002 tutorial - Nearly 3 hours of video recording.


Photoshop Tutorials

Poker Tutorial - Win at Online Poker!

Poker tutorial - Okay - nothing to do with web design we know - but hey who doesn't like a game of poker these days - and you do play it on the web - we're giving away the first two chapters away for free..

Just sign up now in order to receive them.

We'll show you the exact techniques that help us to win $15960.67 on in just one month!

VB.NET Tutorial

Windows XP tutorial

Outlook Tutorials

Web Design Tutorials

Winzip Tutorial

We will provide more tutorials in future - if you have any tutorials or tips then please feel free to contact us.

Buy all these video and more on one very inexpensive DVD



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