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Using CuteFTP

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Using CuteFTP

This basic tutorial uses CuteFTP version 5.0 XP - but the principal is the same for all versions of CuteFTP.

After downloading and installing cuteFTP follow these steps for setting up a site:

After starting the program you should see a window similar to the one below - click on new to set up the FTP details for your site.

FTP Site Manager

It's just a matter of filling in the blanks:

For this example i'm going to use the following dummy details:

Domain name:
FTP User Name: fred
FTP Site Password: fredpass

So fill in the blanks - the important things to realise here are that user name and password are case sensitive so just be careful with that.

The LABEL is just what you want to call your site - you can type anything in here but usually the Domain Name is a good starter.

FTP host address is just "ftp." followed by your domain name. You can also use your IP address instead which might look something like

FTP Site Settings

Now all you'd do is click Connect.

Right Pane

You should see two panes open - this screenshot just shows the right screen as this is the important screen. Click the folder "public_html" - this will be where you upload the majority of your files.


You now need to upload your first page to this directory folder - it's vital that you have a page called one of the following - "index.html", "index.htm", "default.html" or "default.htm" - this will be the page which open up in the browser window when they type

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