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Windows XP Video tutorial

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Windows XP Video tutorial

This tutorial is really a basic computing tutorial which uses Windows XP for the operating system - although you do not need Windows XP to view the tutorial - you will also benefit from this tutorial using any Windows operating system.

Do you know anybody who could benefit from a basic computer tutorial? How about a present for a relative who keeps saying they will learn about computers - but never does! Do you have office staff who need some training?

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create a document by using WordPad.
  • Organize the contents of your hard drive by using Windows Explorer.
  • Create an efficient work environment by using the Control Panel and Accessibility programs.
  • Perform a variety of media tasks by using the Help and Support Center and Media Player.
  • Clean up your system by using My Computer and the Recycle Bin.
  • Find information on the Internet by using Internet Explorer.
  • Save pictures off the internet.

Windows XP demo - please allow time to downloadCheck out our Windows XP demo to see the quality of our Windows XP tutorial for yourself. This demonstration shows how to print a document. Also included in the tutorial are the following topics...

Course Content

  • Creating a Document in Windows
  • Launch a Program
  • Create a Document
  • Save a Document
  • Preview and Print a Document
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste Information
  • Organizing Files
  • Find Files
  • Create Folders
  • Move Files
  • Create Shortcuts
  • Change Windows Messenger Options
  • Creating an Efficient Work Environment
  • Change Mouse Properties
  • Change the Display Properties
  • Researching and Using Windows Media Player
  • Use Help and Support
  • Create Your Favorites
  • Play a Video
  • Apply a Skin
  • Cleaning Up Your System
  • Check System Capacity
  • Analyze Your Hard Drive
  • Delete Your Files and Folders
  • Empty the Recycle Bin
  • Finding Information on the Internet
  • Browse the Internet
  • Move to Specific Internet Sites
  • Use Favorites to Return to Internet Sites
  • Shut Down Windows

What you need to use the Windows XP video tutorial

Please ensure your computer system meets these requirements in order to use the Windows XP tutorial:

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